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I Found It At The Movies

We watch too many films not to form an opinion or two. But so often we're too afraid of being judged for being judgmental to share them with anyone, let alone posting them online.

This is my pledge to voice my opinions. Although, I suspect that it was going to be a process. Therefore, I need to borrow some gusto from the great Pauline Kael, who was never afraid of disagreeing and expressing; who, clearly, lost it at the movies probably more than a few times but still kept going back until she couldn't.

So I decided to name my pledge something similar yet, at the same time, polar-opposite to the title of her infamous book. This should also serve as my way to keep the writing going. As much as I'd love to pop out seven pages of a script per day... That's not happening yet. So this is happening instead.

Or maybe I really found it at the movies.


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